Natural Homemade Sunscreen

Summer is well on it’s way in some parts of the country.  But here it is just getting started.  With my family of blonde hair and pale skin I am definitely thinking about how I will approach Sunscreen this year.

I often go the route of simply avoiding the worst sun exposure and otherwise soak up the Vitamin D.  I certainly don’t want to risk Baby Girl Baking Soda (3 months old), Little Boy Baking Soda (2 years old) or Big Boy Baking Soda (5 years old) getting sunburns though!  Keeping them in doors all summer isn’t fair either.  (Though it would keep them fair.  har har.)

There are a few reason I don’t want to use traditional store-bought sun-screen:

  • I don’t like the way it feels on my skin.  I dislike it enough to NOT USE IT even when I really should.  In fact I cannot use it on my face without my skin burning from the chemicals.  That can’t be good.  It also causes breakouts on my face; but the burning is the main thing.  And I don’t have sensitive skin.  I wouldn’t want my children to feel that same burn.
  • Under 6 months of age it’s not even an option for general coverage.  (see this article from the Mayo Clinic)
  • I believe in getting vitamins from the most natural sources.  Sunshine gives us what our bodies need to produce Vitamin D.  As long as you don’t block the rays!

However, if there is an option that takes care of these issues I am willing to try it.  Turns out there is!  Coconut Oil.

Sun protection is as simple as applying straight coconut oil every couple hours.  However, if you want a little more protection you can make sunscreen with Coconut oil and Zinc Oxide.  (Same ingredients as in natural diaper rash cream.  But we’ll touch that subject another day).  Here is a well written article and recipe to make sunscreen.  I fully intend to make this recipe up and use it this summer along with wide brimmed hats and lightweight clothing.

What will you use to protect against sunburns this summer?

Next I will bring you a personal recipe for after-sun lotion that will bring immediate healing and relief to sunburns.