After-Sun Healing Lotion

I’ve never been satisfied with what is available on the market shelf when it comes to after-sun care.  So I came up with this mixture quite a few years ago by thinking through what I do and do not like and how they work.

My mom always mixed Vitamin E in with Pure (as pure as possible) Aloe for our sunburns which made it the natural base for my lotion.

The reasons for picking each ingredient:

  • Pure Aloe Vera Gel is almost impossible to find truly pure at a store.  We’re not absolutest here so go with the best option you can find.  A very common product to use on sunburns because of it’s cooling and refreshing properties.
  • Vitamin E Oil causes the Aloe to not be sticky and to soak in nicely.  It also helps skin heal.  You can buy this from the Vitamin aisle in either capsules or in a bottle.  I find the bottle easier to use for uses like this.
  • Melaleuca (or Tea Tree) Oil is one of my favorite essential oils.  And one of my favorite uses for it is to stop burn immediately.  Burn your tongue on hot food?  Apply it.  Burn your finger on a hot pan?  Apply it.  Stay out in the sun too long?  Definitely use it.  I suggest a good quality oil.  But if your budget is low don’t let the cost discourage you – buy it at your local store.
  • Triple Antibiotic Ointment is an ingredient I have always used in the past but I recognize that it isn’t “natural”.  It’s probably unnecessary and can be left out entirely.
  • Next time I mix up a batch of this I will probably add in a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil instead as it is often used to cleanse and treat skin that has been broken or bruised.

I’m a chronic “dump and mix” type of recipe follower and creator.  But I will do my best to give you approximate measurements here.

Aloe vera plant

Aloe vera plant (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Recipe:

1 1/2 to 2 cups Aloe Vera Gel (whatever comes in a standard size bottle will do)

2 -4 tsp Vitamin E Oil (use enough to make the aloe vera cloudy)

1 tsp Melaleuca Oil (if you have a higher grade oil you can probably use less)

10-20 drops Lavender Oil (optional)

1 tsp Triple Antibiotic Ointment (optional)


1) Open your bottle of Aloe and dump out just enough that you have room for the other ingredients.

2) Add everything into the original bottle.

3) Shake it til it’s well mixed.

4) Apply generously to sunburned skin and allow to soak in.

Ingredients used: