About Natural Living

What is natural living?

It’s a concept that includes other terms such as: organic, additive free, crunchy, or chemical free (although that last one make no sense if you know anything about chemistry – it really shoud be “synthetic chemical-free”). None of these terms were just right for our goals, so we chose the more inclusive term “natural living”.

Okay, so what do we mean by “natural living”?
We are on a mission to rid our families of as many unnatural (aka, synthetic) chemicals as possible in our daily lives. So many things we humans use on a daily basis involve chemical cocktails that I am convinced are not beneficial for our health. Have you read the labels on your beauty products or cleaning supplies? (Can you even pronounce some of that stuff?) While we aren’t suggesting that everything man-made is bad, we know that there are natural solutions that are just as effective (if not more so) than their commercial counterparts (and not to mention cheaper)!

The products we use and the things we eat affect our health, as well as the future health of our children. We want to live as healthfully as possible, and so have become advocates for natural living, doing what we can to rid our homes and environments of toxins.

Join us on the journey!


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