About Mrs. Vinegar

Healthy living has been a part of my entire life, but my journey to more “natural” living started when I had a roommate who cleaned our kitchen with vinegar. As an “energy efficient” (what some might call …ahem… lazy) and very frugal person by nature, I was hooked on this simple and inexpensive way to clean. No more nasty smelly chemical cleaners that also took up too much space? Awesome. (Okay, I realize that vinegar doesn’t exactly smell wonderful, but at least it doesn’t make your nose burn and eyes water like the other stuff!)

Several years later, I learned that a colleague washed her hair with baking soda. Say what?? A researcher by nature, I sought out more information about this interesting idea. What I learned about the chemistry of shampoo and conditioner left a definite impression on me. What other things that I took for granted really didn’t make sense when you got down to it? Any why would I spend money on these things if I could make my own versions that worked just as well?!

Over the next few years, through much thought and research, I have come to the belief that:

  • A majority of the products we use are unnecessary or contradictory (but of course the manufacturers are very committed to making sure we buy them regardless).
  • We can make our own products that work just as well (if not better in some cases), usually for cheaper.
  • These homemade products are better for our health and the health of our children/future children than the toxins that currently fill our cupboards and shelves.

Bolstered by these new thoughts, I embarked upon a journey (although it was really more like realizing in hindsight that I was already on this path) to free our house and lives of as much of this junk as possible.


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