About Mrs. Baking Soda

Though I don’t remember a single event or situation in which I realized that I didn’t have to go buy harsh products to clean my home and body, I’m fairly certain I started figuring that out when I lived in a dorm room with Mrs. Vinegar.  She was always willing to try simple methods for getting things done.

The first switch I made in my journey to natural living was not buying window cleaner any more.  I heard that white vinegar did just as good a job and I didn’t see any reason not to try it.  Once I made that change it was easy for me to ditch other products too.  I realized I was spending a lot on harsh chemicals I didn’t need when something simple worked well, cost less and produced less clutter.

When it comes to Natural Living I have a few basic reasons for choosing it:

  • Cost.  It is way cheaper to buy a few products in bulk and mix them together in various arrangements than to buy a spray bottle of each thing I need.  (I will admit there are still a few harsh chemicals I still use.  This really is a journey that does not need to be started cold turkey.)
  • Health & Safety.  I have 3 kids.  The idea that everything I’m using to clean both house and body with WON’T KILL THEM if they get it in their mouth is very reassuring to this mommy.
  • Logic.  Realizing that many of the products I was buying were to counteract another product I was buying didn’t make a lot of sense.  What happens if I just stop using both?  Well, that’s just part of the adventure.  Turns out most things are unneeded.  I also realize that my body is created with purpose and plan.  My body works, if I let it.  It will keep itself clean, moisturized and healthy inside if I don’t block it from the outside.

We may all have different reasons for choosing to go natural but it shouldn’t stop us from working together.  Thank you for joining me on this adventure.


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